About Cornerstone

ROI from Perspective and Experience

Golfers smiling at cameraOur depth of management knowledge is the difference in Cornerstone Golf Partners. For more than 20 years we have helped golf courses of all shapes and sizes to thrive. And we’ve accomplished this in boom and bust, thick and thin.

Those perspectives, and that experience, enable us to achieve the greatest Return On Investment from your course. We are dedicated to adding that expertise personally – not just through systems and staffs. This sets us apart from other golf management companies.

Investment in a golf management company must be justified by real returns.

Real Partnership – Honest and Independent

Our advice is vendor-neutral. Frankly most golf management companies depend on selling owners a specific solution, off a shelf of in-stock suppliers. Cornerstone’s only partner is you. We make sure you have the best marketing and management solution for your specific situation. This may mean expanding or tuning-up resources you already have in-house.

Thailand Golf Championship 2014Priorities – Making Sense of the Blitz

The business of golf can look like a bombardment of bull. We cut through that for you. We work closely with your team to clearly identify (1) critical functionality, (2) desired capabilities and (3) peripheral bells and whistles. We help you prioritize your needs and build a business plan. Then we help you operate to those tailored specifications..

Therefore, we vow and pledge to provide course owners with a personalized, custom approach tailored to their facility and market. Alan Cale, CEO, Cornerstone Golf Partners