Golf Greens Environmental Management in South Carolina

Environmental Responsibility Hilton Head Island

Cornerstone Golf Partners, Inc. is keenly aware of what impact we may have on the environment and our responsibility to ensure that our impact is a positive one. Cornerstone Golf Partners, Inc. has experience on a variety of golf courses with different environmental conditions ranging from wetlands and fresh water lakes to native grass areas and public parklands. All of our courses serve as a habitat for all types of wildlife and plant species. Cornerstone Golf Partners, Inc. will utilize all available methods to ensure that the various environmental concerns of all golf courses are protected. We will use Best Management Practices (BMP’s) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to create a wonderful playing experience for our guests while protecting environmentally sensitive areas on the properties. Some of these methods include:

  1. Creating buffers along the edges of lakes and waterways where chemicals and fertilizers will not be applied.
  2. Keeping all machinery out of wetland environments and maintaining those areas through hand work only.
  3. Implementing erosion control methods when disturbing areas during projects.
  4. Maintaining a healthy stand of turf grass which is the best environmental protection.
  5. Controlling water usage through irrigation outputs to maintain a dry, firm playing surface while protecting our most precious resource.
  6. Encouraging wildlife inhabitation of the courses by creating natural areas and buffers.
  7. Properly storing chemicals and fertilizers.
  8. Getting yearly inspections of chemical mixing areas, equipment wash areas, and pesticide application records from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
  9. Properly disposing of used oil, tires, and hazardous waste materials.
  10. Being environmentally conscious when choosing equipment and products to be used on the golf courses.