Golf Course Fairway Maintenance in South Carolina

Golf Course Fairway Maintenance in South Carolina

There is a reason why most golfers will wish other players well by telling them to “hit it down the middle”.

Great golfers are able to hit more fairways than poor players, and you’re going to need to make sure that you reward great shots at your course with the best golf course fairway maintenance plans that you can draw up.

Approach shots are going to be completely dictated by the kind of lie people can expect from your fairways, and unless you want to really frustrate all of your players (more than the course architecture was designed to), you’re going to need your fairway maintenance to be picture-perfect.

You aren’t going to score well unless you hit more fairways

It’s going to be absolutely impossible for any type of golfer to score well at your course unless you make it easy for them to hit more fairways and reach the green in regulation.

This means that your fairways need to be dressed properly, they need to be cut appropriately, and they need to be maintained consistently. Players should be able to depend on your fairways playing the same across the course, regardless of whether or not they are spending most of their time in exposed to sunlight or living in the shade of strategically placed trees.

Fairway maintenance isn’t as simple or as straightforward as it might seem on the surface

At the same time, golf course fairway maintenance is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it may seem on the surface.

A lot goes into the growing of lush fairways, and a lot more goes into cutting those fairways perfectly, repairing divots and “burn marks”, and clearly delineating between the fairway, the rough, and OB.

You need to trust a good golf course fairway maintenance team to get the job done right the first time around

For these reasons (and so many more) you’re going to want to find the best fairway maintenance team and specialists you can to get your course up to top playing condition.

You might not be all that interested in creating the same kind of fairways that they feature at Augusta (and may instead be looking for something a lot closer to the “new” Pinehurst), but your fairways are going to dictate everything from pace of play to the average score – and everything in between!

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