Golf Course Maintenance Company in South Carolina

Today the course itself must be competitive. Industry overcapacity, digital deals and the rising bar of player expectations make it imperative that your course measures up and delivers a memorable golf experience.

Course conditioning is the key. Making the best realistic judgments about maintaining the course – your biggest investment – Cornerstone will ensure that it is in the best possible playing condition. We know that this job starts every day, and that it never goes away.

Our course maintenance philosophy and procedures begin with the daily setup of the course – and extend through developing a long-range plan for improving the course on a daily basis.

Golf Course Maintenance Company in South CarolinaHitting It Down the Middle

Cornerstone takes a centerline approach in terms of handling golf course conditioning. Allocating resources to the most important areas is priority. Usually, that would mean our priorities work from the middle of the fairway outward. We believe that good shots must be rewarded.

We treat the greens like movie stars. Alone, they do not compose the entire golf experience, but they will be remembered. We made sure that that memory is a good memory. A bad green or an unwarranted hole placement will rapidly edge out that landscape, as well that alluring fairway.

We made sure that we address the areas where erratic shots come to rest, upon moving outward from the centerline. From that point, we give attention to the aesthetic appeal of the estate. We know for a fact that every square inch of the property is equally important as the next.

Aesthetics may be important, however, the playability of the course is what brings the golfers come back to play again and again.

Building Success by the Season

If there is anything experience has taught us, it is that we should take a building block approach from one season onto the next. While improvements are being to a course’s area, we made a plan that builds on that progress, while it allows us to make developments on the next one. The course’s aesthetic appeal and overall playability plays an important role in determining the priority of each step.Golf Flag in Hilton Head SC Course

The Importance of Tools and Team

Oftentimes, taking care of required assets in maintaining a golf course is overlooked – and that’s costly. Cornerstone Golf Partners emphasizes taking good care of the goods that take care of your investment. We know for a fact that a golf course is only as good as the people and the tools that are taking care of it.

This may mean the irrigation system, maintenance apparatus, or the maintenance staff themselves. We know how to look for priorities, and our focus is on the proper maintenance of equipment and assets so when they are need, they do the work for you. Time and talent has been invested in traning the staff to set up the golf course – that is both challenging and enjoyable.

Taking Care of You With Our Own

We focus our own greatest resource on the care of your property. That resource is our people. Our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle the toughest of tasks.  Everyone from our Director of Golf Course Operations and Golf Course Superintendents to our Equipment Managers and our steady industry connections will be involved in making your course the best it can be.

We leverage for you the purchasing power we’ve earned by being a multi-facility company. This compounds our resources to invest in your club.  We brainstorm together to take on a challenging situation.  In short, we have each other’s backs, and that can only benefit your club.