Golf Facility Management in South Carolina

The course itself is key, but the golfer’s experience begins and ends with the facilities. So Cornerstone insights on operating, maintaining, and sometimes enhancing your facilities are often part of the solution. We know how to make them work, make them pay, and when necessary, how to improve them.


Golf Facility Management in South CarolinaWe train every staff member, from management to associates, to promote and project the highest standard of excellence for all patrons. Every staff member is required to dress in staff uniform with his/her nametag present to all patrons.  The management is required to create and project a team atmosphere so that all departments work together to give the patron the ultimate playing experience.  Community involvement is also strongly encouraged throughout the entire staff.  We understand the importance of continuity, so Cornerstone carefully considers key existing employees for positions with the firm as our management agreement is implemented.

Course Management

Doing business at the corner of Nature and Commerce calls for a rare set of skills. You’ve got to love Nature enough to become an expert, but you can’t afford to get lost in that side. It’s a balance we’ve built for a lifetime. The management is required to create and project a team atmosphere so that all departments work together to give the patron the ultimate playing experience. Read More

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage is not only important in the daily operations of a golf course, but it also supports additional revenue streams, such as private parties, golf tournaments, business meetings, take-out orders, holiday parties and wedding receptions. Sample Menus

Some Additional Revenue Streams:

– Private Parties
– Tournaments
– Business Meetings
– Take-Out Orders
– Holiday Parties
– Wedding Receptions

Golfshop Hilton Head Island SCInventory

The Golf Shop can quickly be a strength or a weakness, and inventory management is often what makes the difference. The Golf Shop will be fully stocked with current merchandise including men’s and ladies apparel, major brands of golf balls, headwear, gloves, shoes, golf club sets, utility clubs, putters, wedges, rental sets of clubs and golf bags. Monitoring that inventory, and matching it to revenue continually, is one of the skills and disciplines in which Cornerstone excels.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts Hilton Head Island SCCarts are increasingly important, for revenue and pace-of-play. And most golfers prefer to use them. This apparent match is not as simple as it seems, though. Poor management of the golf cart program, from ugly sheds to lack of financial controls, is often a weakness overlooked. The opportunity is great, because improvement adds dollars rapidly.

We know 12 procedures that make the cart program an asset, rather than a liability. We’d be happy to share those with you in an initial visit. [FIND OUT HOW]


Our program is as follows:

1. All patrons must show a paid receipt to starter prior to play, and starter records cart number before play and condition of cart after play.
2. Daily inspections of all carts in the staging area to insure carts are ready for the patrons.
3. Cart attendants load bags and clean clubs if possible.
4. Drivers must have a driver’s license to use a golf cart.
5. One full time employee maintains carts.
6. Present carts in a clean and ready to go manner with scorecard, pin placement sheet, comment cards, pencil, sand bottle, and beverage cooler.
7. Carts are placed in a rotation based on daily usage.
8. Detailed maintenance records kept in accordance with manufacturers specifications on each individual cart.
9. Carts will be cleaned daily by attendants prior to charging and stored in a secure area.
10. Carts will be pressure washed daily (except when water restrictions are in place).
11. Trash Can stations for paper and cans.
12. Safety equipment to include eye washer system and first aid station.

ROI from Perspective and Experience

roiOur depth of management knowledge is the difference in Cornerstone Golf Partners. For more than 20 years we have helped golf courses of all shapes and sizes to thrive. And we’ve accomplished this in boom and bust, thick and thin. Those perspectives, and that experience, enable us to achieve the greatest Return On Investment from your course. We are dedicated to adding that expertise personally – not just through systems and staffs. This sets us apart from other golf management companies. Investment in a golf management company must be justified by real

Therefore, we vow and pledge to provide course owners with a personalized,
custom approach tailored to their facility and market.— Alan Cale, President Cornerstone
Golf Partners

Real Partnership — Honest and Independent

Our advice is vendor-neutral. Frankly most golf management companies depend on selling owners a specific solution, off a shelf of in-stock suppliers. Cornerstone’s only partner is you. We make sure you have the best marketing and management solution for your specific situation. This may mean expanding or tuning-up resources you already have in-house. Priorities – Making Sense of the Blitz The business of golf can look like a bombardment of bull. We cut through that for you. We work closely with your team to clearly identify (1) critical functionality, (2) desired capabilities and (3) peripheral bells and whistles. We help you prioritize your needs and build a business plan. Then we help you operate to those tailored specifications